Structural Analysis:

Our engineering team has wide experience in structural analysis using finite element methods. We provide our structural analysis services with trustable methods with validated results. Our analyses include linear and non-linear approaches under static and dynamic loadings. Our team has also capability of fatigue, damage and NVH analysis of the structures. We provide wide range of structural analysis services to the automotive, aerospace, marine and defence industries for different materials including composites. Moreover, we offer application of structural experiments and consultancy to the experiments according to needs of our clients.

Aero/Hydro Dynamic Analysis

Istanbul Dynamics offers aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis and design services to our customers with the help of computational fluid dynamic method to different sectors including energy, marine, aerospace and automotive. We are able to provide experimental studies and/or consultancy for the towing tank and wind tunnel experiments.

Thermal Analysis

We provide solutions for the thermal problems of engineering structures including steady state and thermo-mechanic analyses.